At ProFlow, we have the expertise and mobility to provide the flowback and well testing services and equipment you need.

With locations in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Wyoming, ProFlow flowback and well testing is positioned to cater to all major oil basins and shale plays throughout the United States. Wherever your operation is located, we can get our operators and equipment there quickly. And because we’re strategically placed near all the major fracturing sites, we can offer minimal mobilization costs.

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Our Mission

At ProFlow, flowback and well testing is what we do. We spend all day, every day focused on helping our customers gather the data that they need to safely move on to the next phase of production. We know that you can't do what you need to do until we've done our job, so at ProFlow flowback and well testing, we believe in acting with a sense of urgency.

But our commitment to safety is always our top priority for your employees, our employees and the environment. We'll help you understand and adhere to any well testing and flowback regulations that apply in your jurisdiction. And, we'll help you clean and dispose of any solid and fluid byproducts of your production process so you can quickly pivot from one phase of production to the next without any delays or downtime.

How can ProFlow flowback and well testing help your business succeed?

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