ProFlow provides a wide range of flowback services for all your oil and gas production needs. We're positioned to offer well testing, flowback, cleaning and measuring services for the fracking industry.

Our eight locations, strategically located near the major oil basins and shale plays in the United States, are stocked with all the specialized equipment necessary for all the flowback services we provide. Because we own all our own equipment and our skilled operators have extensive training using our equipment, ProFlow is able to move quickly and efficiently to your job site.

We know that the oil and gas industry is constantly evolving, so we're committed to evolving along with it. At ProFlow, we strive to stay on top of trends and advancements in the industry so we can apply the most cutting-edge techniques to our flowback services.

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ProFlow Services


We'll be on hand to manage the fluid that's recovered after the fracturing process is complete.

Well Testing

Our testing operators will help you comply with government inspection regulations and are trained to work efficiently in any environment.


We'll recover and safely dispose of solids and liquids that are byproducts of the production process.


Our precisely calculated measurements allow you to maximize your output and make informed production decisions.


Equipment Delivery and Setup

We'll mobilize quickly from one of our strategically placed locations to minimize downtime in your operation.

Equipment Operation

Our team of skilled employees is trained to efficiently and safely operate all our specialized equipment.

How can our flowback services help you stay ahead of the competition? Contact ProFlow to learn more and talk specifics.